Amanda Benham

Actress / Model      SAG Eligible

A little bit about me


I consider myself vivacious, passionate, imaginative, quirky, and even a little bit of a mischievous person.  I love to laugh and to make others laugh. I enjoy putting myself in someone else’s shoes and getting a feel for who they are. What I also love, is to bring all of that, all that I am, into my work as an actor.  After gaining my BFA in Theatre Performance, I found my way out of the cornstalks of Indiana and made it all the way to the streets of Hollywood.  Since the big move, I’ve done a variety of work, and the love I feel by being on set and getting to do what I love never changes. 

11/2022:  Continuously writing and rewriting what I have. New ideas are always popping up in my head and of course I have to write it down immediately before it disappears. I’m continuously auditioning too and sometimes have a bit too much fun with some of the scenes I get. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!